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Beautiful creation

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In this video I created a character in the Saint’s row 3 demo. It took a few hours because I wanted to make her near perfect. I find her beautiful. ._.

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10 questions about Japan answered

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Not by me but by Victor and Tomoko over at the Gimmeaflakeman Youtube channel.


I was aware of most of the things they talked about but I always love hearing more about Japan. 

It’s hard to tell what Swedish people thinks of Japan since I’m an otaku! 

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I wish I could start again

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I have many problems. But one problem right now gives me very little time over for something like this blog. It really makes me sad to say but it’s the truth, as well as just lacking the energy to be productive on a entertainment level. 

Main problem right now is that I don’t have a job. And that has forced me to do what The Unemployment Office tells me to do. They want me to do this internship. But it’s not any internship. At this place I learn pretty much nothing and they don’t hire people, people work there for free. I’m there 8.5 hours a day (except on Fridays when we end early), I sit in front of a PC looking at scans of old books from the 1800 century and forward. These books are written by priests, they documented where people moved in and out of the region we call “Skaraborg”, today it’s a part of “Västa Götalands län”. Think of it as a state or prefecture.

And the way they wrote back then was crazy, letters can have zero resemblance to what we read today. So it’s really hard to make out names and towns. We are to look for immigrants and then register them. I find the writing and the immigration a bit interesting actually. For about an hour… It’s so damn boring!

I try to use time there looking for jobs and writing job applications, and other stuff I’m not really allowed to do. But to get back to the point. I go up 6:45, ride my bike for 30 minutes in the cold. Sit at a computer for about 8.5 hours. Go home. Feel tired and of course you wanna do SOMETHING fun or maybe you need to do SOME chores. And on top of all this I’m in need of a job more than ever. Because I’m not getting any money from any place!

I could just walk away and say I wont do it. I would of course! But there’s a catch. I have to be registered at The Unemployment Office NOW because in about 3 months when my money run out I will turn to the Social Service, and ask them for money. The last resort. I need money to stay in my apartment, I don’t wanna lose it and if I did I don’t know what I would do with my cat Akira. They have said that I now need to be doing this in order to get money when I do apply for economical support.

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Picture of the month – Februari 2012 – Akuryo taisan!

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Another “painting” is up. Actually I don’t know what to call these in English when they aren’t actual paintings. In Swedish we have one word for all of these things you hang up with frames, this one doesn’t even have frames! But it’s not a painting nor a poster. But you can see what it is. I simply wrote this kanji in Word and printed it out and put it in the glass frame.

What it says though is  悪霊退散, which is pronounced “akuryo taisan“, which translates to “demon, be gone”. If you like Sailor Moon you might recognize it. It’s said by Sailor Mars / Rei Hino in the series, and an actual phrase in Japanese to exorcise bad spirits. You can see a clip of it here. I like her a lot and I like the phrase a lot so I got it up on my wall finally.

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