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Cheap hotels in Tokyo

As I’m planning my trip to Japan I’ve come across two sites that offer suggestions for cheap hotels in Tokyo. Because of some changes in the economical part of my life, no job and no income, I have no idea when I’m going to Japan. But I wanted to share these two websites with you.


First one is simply a list of cheap hotels in Tokyo. Got this link from my sensei, thank you! There are both hotels and dormitories on the list. I really want something private when I go to Japan so I’m only interested in the hotels with single rooms.


Great site, that lists hotels all over Asia. Just search for Tokyo and you can find good cheap hotels and a lot of useful information. Got this site from a Japanese person I was chatting with, thank you whoever you are (I don’t remember who).


I might be going with this one. Very small rooms but it’s close to Akihabara (important), has everything I need like shower and even free wifi, which is perfect! And cheap. Not sure yet of course so I’ll be posting my final choice when the time comes. 

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