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Keep and eye on all of Japan’s earthquakes

Japan is the most earthquake prone country in the world. That is quite scary, even more so now after the March 11 disaster. Even so, the Japanese people are used to it, and most earthquakes are no trouble at all. Japan has earthquakes every day, but very very small ones. And if you live for example in Tokyo you can feel some shaking a few times every month.

Being from Sweden I have never experienced a such thing. We don’t really have any danger caused by nature outside of snow, wind and rain. (We don’t have tornadoes either) So I don’t know what an earthquake feels like. But when I will feel one in Japan, which I know I will, I’m sure I’ll be a bit shocked and scared. Almost anyone would be a bit frightened.

But the smaller earthquakes that happen often in Japan are nothing special to the Japanese people of course. It’s as ordinary as rain, one could say. So if you hear about anything about a earthquake in Japan then first gather information before you worry, don’t go all crazy.

The earthquake in Japan in March was on a magnitude of 8.9 and the biggest ever recorded in the country. The ones that happen every day are at a the magnitude of 1. Sometimes there are 4’s and 5’s and 6’s. When passing 4.5 or 5 they are usually note worthy and considered dangerous. Smaller than 4 are nothing to care about.

What I wanted to give you is a link to a page that quickly updates on all the earthquakes happening in Japan, just something interesting to keep an eye on.


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