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Picture of the month – January 2012 – Japanese folders

My beautiful iPhone homescreen  

So the year is here, 2012, the year I go to Japan. I have chosen the month of August as my frame of travel. But the year hasn’t started well at all… Without going too much in to detail, I have to find a job fast.  If I don’t… I might loose my apartment shortly. Which is something terrible to me. I don’t even wanna think about it, but I have to use that fear to fuel my motivation to find a job. Which I’m sooo bad at and the reason I still don’t have a job. So i need to focus on that now. That is one of the reasons I haven’t and won’t post as much here.

This months picture is of my iPhone home screen. I actually don’t remember if I’ve posted it on my blog before. But as you can see it’s awesome. It has the nekomimi wallpaper, nicely arranged apps and a few tweaks made possible by jailbreak. As well as a newer change which is that I’ve written the folder names in Japanese. The read from the left, kontakuto, nihongo, mise and geemu. Whic translates to contact(s), Japanese, shop and game(s)

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