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ACTA disgusts me

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Due to my lack of effort and knowledge I will not go in to much detail myself detail. Just a few days ago… “22 EU members signed the controversial ACTA treaty today in Tokyo. However, the signatures of the EU member states and the EU itself will count for nothing unless the European Parliament gives its approval to ACTA in June.

And I’d just like to say that ACTA is disgusting and a real threat to the Internet and the world. Two things I hate about this is that Japan is partly the creator of ACTA (along with the US), and Sweden just signed their support for it. This could turn our social networking and online sharing to the likes of China‘s situation. One of mans greatest creations could be ruined. I’d like to inform you more about this matter with the following. Thank you.

News report


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Cheap hotels in Tokyo

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As I’m planning my trip to Japan I’ve come across two sites that offer suggestions for cheap hotels in Tokyo. Because of some changes in the economical part of my life, no job and no income, I have no idea when I’m going to Japan. But I wanted to share these two websites with you.

First one is simply a list of cheap hotels in Tokyo. Got this link from my sensei, thank you! There are both hotels and dormitories on the list. I really want something private when I go to Japan so I’m only interested in the hotels with single rooms.

Great site, that lists hotels all over Asia. Just search for Tokyo and you can find good cheap hotels and a lot of useful information. Got this site from a Japanese person I was chatting with, thank you whoever you are (I don’t remember who).


I might be going with this one. Very small rooms but it’s close to Akihabara (important), has everything I need like shower and even free wifi, which is perfect! And cheap. Not sure yet of course so I’ll be posting my final choice when the time comes. 

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Japanese show does an hour of New Love Plus

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An hour of gameplay from this popular dating sim on 3DS can be seen here. A dev from Konami comes to Japanese TV (or internet?) show to show off the new Love plus game. Of couse this game won’t reach outside of Japan. Sad otaku~!

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Keep and eye on all of Japan’s earthquakes

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Japan is the most earthquake prone country in the world. That is quite scary, even more so now after the March 11 disaster. Even so, the Japanese people are used to it, and most earthquakes are no trouble at all. Japan has earthquakes every day, but very very small ones. And if you live for example in Tokyo you can feel some shaking a few times every month.

Being from Sweden I have never experienced a such thing. We don’t really have any danger caused by nature outside of snow, wind and rain. (We don’t have tornadoes either) So I don’t know what an earthquake feels like. But when I will feel one in Japan, which I know I will, I’m sure I’ll be a bit shocked and scared. Almost anyone would be a bit frightened.

But the smaller earthquakes that happen often in Japan are nothing special to the Japanese people of course. It’s as ordinary as rain, one could say. So if you hear about anything about a earthquake in Japan then first gather information before you worry, don’t go all crazy.

The earthquake in Japan in March was on a magnitude of 8.9 and the biggest ever recorded in the country. The ones that happen every day are at a the magnitude of 1. Sometimes there are 4’s and 5’s and 6’s. When passing 4.5 or 5 they are usually note worthy and considered dangerous. Smaller than 4 are nothing to care about.

What I wanted to give you is a link to a page that quickly updates on all the earthquakes happening in Japan, just something interesting to keep an eye on.

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Go! Go! Nihon

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No it’s not about sports, it’s about studying Japanese.

Go! Go! Nihon is a company that helps you go to Japan and study Japanese. They seem to be a very good company with good customer service and they will take care of most things for you if you choose to study in Japan through them. I’m not sure if they cover other countries than UK, France, Sweden and maybe US, going by their home page. You’d have to check with them.

Watching one of the videos of one of the schools you could go to makes me think it’s almost too good to be true. Everything is so perfect about that place and the company.

I study Japanese (on my own) and of course I would love to do this. It would be a dream come true, a dream that hurts just thinking about.  But I can’t, now. Not only do you have to take a loan (which I’d hate to do), I also live alone in an apartment and I have a cat! So there are three main obstacles. I’ll just start by going to Japan soon anyway.

Below you can see one of the schools Yuikaikan in Yokohama.



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Short video interview with Shigeru Miyamoto

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In a new interview he doesn’t give any new info to those who follow the news, but it’s always nice for fans to see this wonderful man speak his mind.

That woman sure speaks weird… 

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Picture of the month – January 2012 – Japanese folders

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My beautiful iPhone homescreen  

So the year is here, 2012, the year I go to Japan. I have chosen the month of August as my frame of travel. But the year hasn’t started well at all… Without going too much in to detail, I have to find a job fast.  If I don’t… I might loose my apartment shortly. Which is something terrible to me. I don’t even wanna think about it, but I have to use that fear to fuel my motivation to find a job. Which I’m sooo bad at and the reason I still don’t have a job. So i need to focus on that now. That is one of the reasons I haven’t and won’t post as much here.

This months picture is of my iPhone home screen. I actually don’t remember if I’ve posted it on my blog before. But as you can see it’s awesome. It has the nekomimi wallpaper, nicely arranged apps and a few tweaks made possible by jailbreak. As well as a newer change which is that I’ve written the folder names in Japanese. The read from the left, kontakuto, nihongo, mise and geemu. Whic translates to contact(s), Japanese, shop and game(s)