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My first bluray movie! All I need now is a player…

 I just bought District 9 from Amazon. One of the best movies ever, a movie everyone should see.

This is my first bluray movie! Yay! And I don’t even own a bluray player yet!

I will probably buy one the day after christmas eve. In Sweden we have the big celebration on the 24th, aka best day of the year.  And then the next day, until new years eve, there is a big sale in almost every store. Called “mellandagsrean”, which translates to “the middle days sale”, because it’s in between christmas and new year. And of course I’m focusing on the electronic stores. I don’t always buy something but I always go to some of the biggest stores in town, just to have a look. Before I’ve bought a laptop and digital camera and other stuff on that day. Last year I bought my sweet HD TV. And you gotta be be quick! Pretty much only the first day counts, then most of the good deals are gone. Sometimes within the first hour. That’s why there are usually long lines and price wars. The only draw back is that you gotta get up early and stand in lines when it’s freezing outside. But I still love it!

Part of the battle is to know what store to go to. Cause you don’t have much more than a flyer that has been sent out, and it doesn’t show everything. And if one store runs out of what you want before you can even enter the store then you gotta hurry to the next and hope they still have your plan B-item. When I bought my TV last year I was late or something, so when I got there the TV I planned to buy was gone. So I hurried on to the next store, not having a plan B-item. But I found a really sweet deal for a really sweet TV. (Have I written about my TV before? I don’t think so) I bought a 42″ LG HD plasma TV for about $465. Then I dragged it home only using my body and a contraction of my bag and scarf as a lifter-thing. It was really hard and took a while to get it home. I left my bike at the store and went and got it the next day. But I was proud to have gotten it home on my own and happy to have gotten such a sweet deal.

This year I’m looking to buy a bluray-player with surround sound. Not only is my DVD-player pretty big and old, and… it’s not a bluray-player. It also broke last week for some strange reason, the disc sled wont open… I’d like it to have wi-fi or a slot for the iPhone or something along those lines. And it can’t cost more than $435. That’s the plan so far. Wish me luck.

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