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Happy birthday Miyamoto-sama!

Yes. Today is the master of game design, the Steven Spielberg of gaming, the founder of some of the best game series ever, having his birthday. Shigeru Miyamoto over at Nintendo is turning 59 this day. You all know I love Nintendo. And I love Miyamoto’s games like the 3D Zelda games, the 2D Mario games, Excitebike, Ice climbers,the Mario kart series, the Donkey Kong games, Pikmin and so many others. He has had and still has a hand in almost every Nintendo developed game. And even beyond that. He has been an inspiration for other game developers for almost the entire age of gaming. So much passion for what he loves to do. So much joy he has giving to the world. I’m looking forward to much more magic from this amazing person. I’m not afraid of saying I love him. It’s not just his creations, it’s his charisma and personality that sets him a part.

I so wish I could meet you one day Miyamoto-sama. I love you, your games, your company and your country.


[ Happy birthday Miyamoto Shigeru! ]

Father of my childhood – Miyamoto tribute video

Thank you! 

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