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Picture of the month – November 2011 – My “bible”

No I’m not gonna get in to religion. It’s a joke. The picture of the month is a picture of my awesome dictionary. My Japanese dictionary, that has both English to Japanese and the opposite. It wasn’t too expensive and I love it. Even though today all you need is an internet connection and some kind of device to translate anything to any language, it’s just nice to own one when you are studying the language. It’s very good, buy it if you need it!

I call it my bible because it’s the only book I need. 

As I’ve written about before. I’m feeling very stressed and have other problems I do not wanna discuss here to deal with. So there are mainly two things I’m ashamed of not doing as much now. Or three… or four, maybe five though… Anyway, two thing that are more related to this are: studying Japanese and making blog posts. Both of these I’m doing way too little. 

So again, if anyone care, I’m sorry for being so damn lazy. Also sorry sensei, for not studying as much. I’m a bad student at the moment… T_T 

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