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I got Tumblr

11/28/2011 Leave a comment

I had no idea was such a nice blog creator. Almost wish I had gone with that site instead of this. But I don’t really care. I got a Tumblr page though. But it’s gonna be for random stuff, mainly photos. So if you want some simple random stuff coming from me then check it out.

The Swedish Otaku VIEWPOINT

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The reason for the few posts being made

11/19/2011 Leave a comment

I just wanna give a vague explanation on why there are so few posts being made on my blog recently. It’s not anymore that I’m busy or lazy. It’s because one of my best friends has broken my heart. And I just can’t deal with many things right now. Not gonna say more than that, I can hardly even think of this nightmare. Just had to let it be said. Sorry. Don’t forget I got my Twitter. Thank you.

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Happy birthday Miyamoto-sama!

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Yes. Today is the master of game design, the Steven Spielberg of gaming, the founder of some of the best game series ever, having his birthday. Shigeru Miyamoto over at Nintendo is turning 59 this day. You all know I love Nintendo. And I love Miyamoto’s games like the 3D Zelda games, the 2D Mario games, Excitebike, Ice climbers,the Mario kart series, the Donkey Kong games, Pikmin and so many others. He has had and still has a hand in almost every Nintendo developed game. And even beyond that. He has been an inspiration for other game developers for almost the entire age of gaming. So much passion for what he loves to do. So much joy he has giving to the world. I’m looking forward to much more magic from this amazing person. I’m not afraid of saying I love him. It’s not just his creations, it’s his charisma and personality that sets him a part.

I so wish I could meet you one day Miyamoto-sama. I love you, your games, your company and your country.


[ Happy birthday Miyamoto Shigeru! ]

Father of my childhood – Miyamoto tribute video

Thank you! 

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Finally the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is reported as stable

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It took a long time. A bit more than 8 months. For the workers over at Japans most damaged nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi to make it stable. I didn’t think nor hoped it would take this long, and first it was thought to be achieved in January. But not finally we can all draw a small sigh of relief knowing that the plant is at least stable and can not get worse at this point in time. Even though 3 of the reactors reached meltdown, it never got worse. Radiation did go up but the situation is now under control.

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Love Plus in English?!

11/09/2011 2 comments


Yes. It’s true. You can now play the very popular dating sim by Konami for Nintendo DS in English. But… it’s not official.

And you will need a Japanese copy of the game, well, there is only a Japanese copy of the game released anyway. Or you know, a ROM of the game and the R4 card for NDS. I so wanna play this game, and I would so love to play New Love Plus for 3DS. It’s a shame they won’t release the game outside of Japan, but it is understandable. But now you can play it in English! And I will some day too, I might pick up a copy of the game when I go to Japan. Gotta be cheap and the NDS is region free so it’s not a problem. Go to the official translation site for all the info and download.

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Epic amazing orchastrated Zelda theme

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The legend of Zelda: Skyward sword is soon out! On November 18th. Gonna be an amazing game but I doubt I’ll love it more than the master piece that is Twilight princess. But I have of course pre-ordered it. The limited edition! This one to be exact. Where I will get the golden Wii-remote Plus and the soundtrack CD. Speaking of the soundtrack, here’s a video showing off one of the recordings for this CD. And it’s just wonderful to listen to. I’m sure gonna blast those Zelda tunes loud when I get my CD!

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A video about Akihabara

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KenKyanon is a Youtuber that does Japan related videos. He’s funny and good at teaching Japanese. In his latest video he talks about the “otaku paradise” – Akihabara. And about otaku stuff in general. This is the first part of two parts.


Akihabara must be the best place on Earth in my world. I’m going there next year obviously. So much I wanna do there. Check out all the video games, manga, anime. And of course the maid cafés. I WILL have to buy a nekomimi figure! And also some DVDs. Since Japan and Sweden has the same DVD region code.