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Boiling bumper

Here’s a recipe for tightening your iPhone 4 bumper.

I have a black iPhone 4 with a white bumper, and it’s so beautiful. Love my iPhone. But damn were they both expensive. The iPhone it self was worth it. The bumper wasn’t really, now that is asking for too much money. And usually I don’t buy it if I think that. But in this case I just needed a good bumper fast so I just caved in.

There are three problems with the bumper however. It gets a bit discolored. It scratches the metal a bit. And it loosens up after some time. Tonight I solved one of those problems. The looseness.

I have long been thinking about it, not reading about it, but just by logic thinking. I had the idea of boiling the bumper to make it tighter. But could it really work? I was always like, “naaah, who would do that? It probably wouldn’t work. I won’t dare to try”. But today I saw it be done in a Youtube video, as I was looking at other iPhone case videos (don’t know why I did really). And yes it worked! It really did tighten up the iPhone 4 bumper. See the video here

So I tried it myself and yes it worked, the bumper sits tighter on now and it feels great. Also it got a bit cleaner obviously.

I didn’t really follow any instructions but below  is my take on it!

 You’ll need:

Official iPhone 4 bumper case




A saucepan/pot




Remove the bumper. Fill the pot half way with water. Turn on medium heat and wait for it to boil. I don’t know what temperature we need but you should see a lot of bubbles but not too crazy. While the water heats up, fill a bowl, that will fit the bumper, with very cold water. Keep it close to the stove. Then have a timer ready to take the time. You will let it be submerged for 30 seconds 2 to 4 times depending on the looseness of the bumper. Make sure the temperature has set to a stable state. Then lower the bumper down with the fork, start the timer at the same time. Monitor closely. When the timer hits 30 seconds, bring the bumper up. Don’t rush it. Submerge the it in the bowl with the cold water and let it be there for about 20 seconds. Do this at least one more time, and then more timed depending on how much you want to tighten it. But do not move past 4 times. That’s my recommendation. After you are done dipping, dry it off thoroughly. Put it on your iPhone 4 and hopefully it will fit perfectly!

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  1. 10/22/2011 at 06:22

    *LOL* That’s pretty cool how that worked! When you first mentioned that you boiled your bumper; I thought you meant you accidentally dropped it in boiling water.

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