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This is a beauty of technology

I obviously love technology and gadgets. Love it so much. I call my self a technophile, the problem is that people might think you are referring to the music genre. Here’s something that really get me going. Someone has made the iPod Nano a wrist watch. Watch the video following this link.

It’s such a beauty. Especially with the LunaTik. I would so much love to have this. And I’m excited for the future of more arm worn tech. The tech hasn’t gone far and is way too expensive for the masses. There is so much that could be done I feel.

The problem with this watch, and together with the price is a reason I won’t get it (as of now), are two things. I’d be afraid to scratch or crack the small screen, and it’s obviously not water proof. But damn it’s sweet… 

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  1. 10/08/2011 at 19:22

    Very nice. Another great thing about technology is that all you have to do is wait a little longer and they will make a better version. And usually the price comes down as well.

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