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I like Korea too

10/24/2011 2 comments

South Korea that is. I am a Japan freak, I love Japan. But I’m also interested in other Asian countries and languages. South Korea is also my favorite soccer team out of all countries. I just love how they play the game and I even favorite them above Japan and, dare I say, Sweden. (I hope Swedish people won’t read this, I could get beat up!)

So I do find South Korea interesting, and obviously there are many connections to Japan. Often in a negative way, which is sad.

What I wanted to present in this post is a Youtuber, Hippykiller1 aka Jerry, a J-vlogger. I think he’s one of the best video makers on Youtube. Check out the first part of his little series he has made about Korea.

Don’t forget to check out the other parts as well. 

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Boiling bumper

10/22/2011 1 comment

Here’s a recipe for tightening your iPhone 4 bumper.

I have a black iPhone 4 with a white bumper, and it’s so beautiful. Love my iPhone. But damn were they both expensive. The iPhone it self was worth it. The bumper wasn’t really, now that is asking for too much money. And usually I don’t buy it if I think that. But in this case I just needed a good bumper fast so I just caved in.

There are three problems with the bumper however. It gets a bit discolored. It scratches the metal a bit. And it loosens up after some time. Tonight I solved one of those problems. The looseness.

I have long been thinking about it, not reading about it, but just by logic thinking. I had the idea of boiling the bumper to make it tighter. But could it really work? I was always like, “naaah, who would do that? It probably wouldn’t work. I won’t dare to try”. But today I saw it be done in a Youtube video, as I was looking at other iPhone case videos (don’t know why I did really). And yes it worked! It really did tighten up the iPhone 4 bumper. See the video here

So I tried it myself and yes it worked, the bumper sits tighter on now and it feels great. Also it got a bit cleaner obviously.

I didn’t really follow any instructions but below  is my take on it!

Read more…

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10/17/2011 Leave a comment

As I posted about before, I’ve started watching Lucky Star. I’m watching episode 6 right now and I witnessed something incredibly cute that make me go all gya~!! Just wanna show you the short part where Konata Izumi says something amazing. ^o^’


OMG I love the way she says it!

If you don’t get it and if you’re too lazy to go to read the Youtube comments I can explain to you that she is doing a parody of a popular shampoo commercial.

Update: This is now my SMS tone on my iPhone.

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James Rolfe’s The Angry Video Game Nerd movie

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I have posted about AVGN before. But I just gotta give my support to the great James Rolfe who is behind it all by doing a little post. He is now working on a full length movie about the Angry Video Game Nerd. And obviously he needs some fan help. So watch the video below and see if you got some okane to spare.


More info here

Good luck James! 

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My thoughts on Lucky Star

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So I started watching a new anime, new to me that is. らきすた, it’s one of the popular ones I’ve seen and heard about here and there so obviously I wanted to check it out. I’m only about 4 episodes in. This series is very short however, it only has 24 episodes as far as I know. Which is very disappointing to hear. The shortest anime I’ve seen is Great Teacher Onizuka, I think. One of my favorites. Is this series a favorite of mine so far, no.

It’s very different to what I’m used to but it sure is entertaining and interesting. The biggest differences must be how the show doesn’t really focus on anything special. They have a lot of odd conversations going on, sometimes they are longer than normal. Not much is going on, they are mostly having funny and interesting conversations. But it does center around these 4 school girls. Konata Izumi being the most characterized of them. She’s awesome in several ways, one being, she’s an otaku~. And super cute.

That’s the other thing, even though they are high school students and are around 18 years old, the style of the show make them look like 12. Also they sound like it, the later not being surprising. The show is said to be “shounen”, which is aimed at young boys. But I don’t agree, I think the humor doesn’t fit that age group in all cases.

I like it because of the otaku girl Konata Izumi, the fact that they (or she rather) speak about nerdy stuff, and it’s super cute as I said. But it does feel confusing how the characters look contra how they act.

The intro song is definitely one of the best. I’m not sure how I feel about the end, where several minutes is taken up by two characters talking about the show. And when the credits roll there is always a scene with them singing karaoke, not really seeing them, just hearing them. It’s enjoyable but I’d rather have more of the show.


Also, I don’t get why they spell Lucky Star with hiragana…

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Japan – the leader of robotics

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There are many examples of why the title is true, one is in the video below. And as you may know I love robots! There is a newly developed robot that is basically using the Internet as its brain. By looking with it’s eyes and the Internet it looks at the real world objects and compares it with photos and information found online. This is a new way for a robot to “think”.

I could talk a lot about robots and androids and all of that, but I just gotta say that I so want the robotic research and development to speed up! Because I so wanna see robots in the global society. But I guess… that’s not one of the most important things to this world now, also it’s damn expensive. But I’m so looking forward to the future when a robot is something normal to see out in “the wild”.

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Epic cosplay action

10/08/2011 Leave a comment

You can say that alright! This guy did some amazing work at the FanExpo 2011 in Toronto. He filmed himself with random cosplayers at the event, improvising and later adding effects. A very cool idea and love how it turned out.

Of course I had to sub to this guy as well.