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One of the best space shooters there is

This genre of video games has no definitive name. You can call them “shooters”, you can call them “shmups”, or “shoot ’em ups”. Or what I like to call them, “space shooters”. The problem is a shooter might as well be a Third Person Shooter, or any other kind of game where you shoot stuff a lot. Like Metal slug for example, you run around in 2D as a character shooting all over the place.

They are not always in space but that seem to be the most recurring theme. These games are also often in 2D. Both in terms of graphics and view. A 3D space shooter in 3D is something else, I love those too though. But yes this is one of my favorite genres. I just love the crazy and detailed gameplay that goes in to them. They are often very hard but I find that attractive and I am pretty good at them. I just wish more games didn’t go with the get hit once and you are dead-mechanic. But I guess that sounds like a noob talking. There is a sub-genre that’s even worse called “bullet hell”, and in those games there is pretty much only one path to fly to not be killed because the whole screen is filled with bullets from the enemy.

With that explanation and all, I’d like to present to you one of my favorite games. And perhaps my number one shoot ’em up-game.

(I’d also wanna mention that I love the Gradius games very much)

Cho ren sha 68k. It’s Japanese, and it’s got awesome music, a good level of difficult and a great power-up system along with sweet retro graphics. The ONLY thing I complain about, is that the game has no auto-fire, meaning you have to tap the shoot-button like crazy because you can’t hold it to shoot. But it’s still an awesome game and I love it.

Download it here for free

A tip: if the game doesn’t run well, switch it to Windows 98 compatibility. 

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