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No posts for a while?

Yeah I’m just making a quick post saying that I’m not gonna be that active here for, I don’t know how long. I’ll try post something, I mean it’s not hard damn it! But I just got sooooo much I need to take care of now. I’m behind on so many things and I’d just like to lay down and cry really. One thing I got going is a internship at school. I’m working with 8-9 year olds. And it’s NOT for me. Either I’m just not doing anything at all, or I’m getting a headache form the worst kid in class.

For example, today I sat and watched them play Wii Sports resort for over and hour… Granted it was not a school day today, just like a day care. But I could be home doing something productive!

Like studying Japanese… I’m really really ashamed over it. I just started studying again and yesterday I didn’t study, and I don’t see how I’ll have time today. I don’t even have time to find a job and I’m having the internship cause I don’t have a job! It’s a damn paradox! This is heavy…

Until the next post, have a look at these photos I took from school.

I made this out of “Plus plus”

I painted these ugly kanji

I saw this hanging on the wall


And there is where the Wii is

Thank you for your patience.

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