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No not the actual geisha culture. No, it’s the name of a candy here in Sweden! I don’t know what other countries it exists in. But the company behind it (Fazer) is a Finnish company, so it must be all over Scandinavia. A chocolate bar most of the time. But there are other shapes and forms of this candy. It was first on sale in 1908, then it was a hard caramel, that later got the name “Tokyo”. But then 1962 is when the chocolate bar came with the name of just Geisha.

I have only seen one taste of Geisha, except the one on the picture. Apparently there are a few different ones. I don’t like Geisha. Because it contains nuts. While I’m not allergic to nuts, and like salted nuts, I don’t want them in my chocolate. This one though is a bit better, still not very delicious but I could it it. It has no nuts but instead the taste of truffle. Wish I liked them, then I’d buy them often just because of the name. 

This will be a good omiyage, souvenir, to bring to Japan and give a way. 

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