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Packing for Japan

No, I’m obviously not doing the packing for my trip to Japan yet. But I bought something today that is yet another step towards Japan and a thing that is a necessity for travel. One of the most important things when traveling is of course something to have your luggage in! I wasn’t sure what kind of bag or suitcase I’d wanna use. I won’t be having it with me where ever I go but I’m not staying in one hotel all the time. But I finally decided that a hard travel case with wheels was the best option.

I bought it at the place I work, so I got 10% off. Then it cost me 314 kr / 49.5 USD. It’s a good one. 4 wheels, hard and square. The handle is tall and has two stops. It has a number lock and a zipper in the middle that can expand the height a bit more, or reduce it. Below you can see the inside.


Next, let’s do a little bit of test packing. Let’s put in most of the stuff I’ll be bringing to Japan and see if I made the right calculation. … Yatta! Everything fitted! But a bit more and it’s very tight. I’ll have to be careful with what I buy, I guess I’ll have to carry some stuff back home in a plastic bag or something.

Here’s my very detailed packing list so far: (some things I will carry on me)

About 250.000 yen
Home keys
iPhone cable/charger
iPhone headset
Glasses case
Polish cloth
Tissue paper
Bath towel
Hand towel
Nail clipper
Arm watch
Power converter adapter
Hair wax
Head cap
Some small gifts
Tokyo guide (the book)
Clothes (4 socks, 4 t-shirts, 4 pants, 1 sweater)
I’ll buy some deodorant and some hair spray there to save space, and also I need to buy a shaver there because mine isn’t gonna work in Japan with the power adapter. Also I need to buy a thin jacket and get a Visa (if I would be in crisis of money). And I might buy another sort of camera to record more easily.
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