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Guild Wars 2 – My MMORPG

Oh am I excited about this game. I like RPGs a lot. And naturally I like MMORPGs. But I don’t have much experience with them. I’ve played online games and games online, and I did play Guild wars for a bit. I still have the Special Edition. (I’m selling it if anyone wanna buy) One thing that has kept me back from these games (except time and lack of interests) is the fee. I would never wanna pay to play, I buy a game and then I wanna play it. I already pay for my internet connection, it’s not like I have to pay extra to use Skype. I don’t even have Xbox Live Gold. Maybe one day… when I have a solid job. Maybe…

Guild wars 2 is really being worked on hard. And it will be a free to play game. While the first game was good and I did enjoy it, it felt lacking compared to the giant World of Warcraft. GW2 however is being improved on so many levels.

I could talk more about this but I gotta go to sleep. But here are two videos to either get your hype meter even higher or to let you know what to expect if you are interested, from this mighty game.

Top 10 Reasons to be interested 

10 little things to like about Guild Wars 2

Guild wars 2 is gonna be such an awesome game, and it’s worst enemy is time.

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