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Happy 25th birthday Metroid!

About two days ago the video game series Metroid turned 25 years old.

Listen to this while you read…


It’s a shame that Nintendo is ignoring this great game’s birthday. But gamers and devs that are fans of Metroid aren’t. Above is a piece put together by two big fans to show their love for the series. Metroid was a unique game and even today is I’d say. Of course now there are different styles. The classic side-scrolling 2D games, first person shooter style and the latest one where Samus is in third person and 3D.

I too love the Metroid series. Not only are the games just amazing for the most part. There is only one game I disliked, though I haven’t played the spin-off Metroid Prime pinball, Metroid Prime Hunters on NDS was impressive but not very fun in my opinion. I can’t decide what game I’d rank the highest. Or if I like the Prime or original style the most. But I guess I’d have to say that Metroid Fusion on GBA is the best Metroid game for me as it really is amazing and one of the best games ever made, and is only second on the GBA because of the Super Mario world port, a game very dear to me.

I still remember seeing the first Metroid when I was little at my dad’s house, as well as Super Metroid. These games were too hard for me to play but I remember watching my brother mother (I have separated parents) play. And when she got to Mother Brain in Super Metroid I thought it was really scary. How Mother Brain looked and moved freaked me out a bit as a kid, she is one nasty bitch.

I’ve played but not finished most of the games. The ones I haven’t played are just Prime 2 and Pinball as I said. Metroid 2 and Other M I guess are the ones that are in the bottom but still above Prime hunters and still not bad games.

What I love about the Metroid series is the perfect pacing, the solid amount of puzzles, hidden objects and action. The different weapons and suit upgrades, and the exploration element. The atmosphere and the music is epic. I also love the story. Haven’t finished Other M yet but that is something I’m looking forward to much in that game. Find the Metroid universe very fascinating. The Metroid series are not very frequent, and that is a good thing. I think that’s a reason why it has been holding a high standard.

My dream game would be a massive 2D Metroid on the Wii U. Wow… That would be amazing. Very little chance of happening though. Oh well, congratulations Metroid and Samus Aran. Thank you Nintendo and Retro studios for giving us an amazing adventure and universe to explore.


If you haven’t ever touched a Metroid game. Please do.

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