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New Love Plus 3DS bundle

08/29/2011 2 comments

Like I’ve said before, I really want this game. I’m not gonna say more about that. But Konami has just revealed the artwork and the three Love Plus designed Nintendo 3DS’s that will come with the game in a bundle. This is of course only in Japan.


Too hard to choose one. ._. 

More here

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Give me this mug

08/29/2011 1 comment

I so wanna buy this mug. But it’s way too expensive. It’s awesome, because it looks like a warp pipe from the Mario bros. games. But, that price is just crazy. T_T

It costs 34 USD. You can buy it here if you have the money to spare.

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The Pokémon Trading Card Game goes online

08/28/2011 1 comment

I love Pokémon. But when I say that, I’m mainly referring to the main video games. I do love the idea and everything of course. And I’d like to talk more about Pokémon, but what I wanna show you now is that there is finally an official online game for the Trading Card Game! I love PKMN TCG, not the GameBoy Color game, although that’s a good game too. But I own a lot of the cards, all the first 150 plus more to be more exact. And I’ll show them to you sometime. The online game is browser based so anyone can play it for free. I’ve just tried it, I made a profile before but I’ve been getting errors until now. The site is a bit slow, it’s still just a beta. Don’t know if it’s just my browser or connection. The site is a bit confusing yet looks a bit too kiddy and unprofessional. But the game it self I love. Amazing that this is finally a reality. But I’d much prefer an online game for Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Now THAT would be amazing. There is another draw back it seems. I’m not completely sure but it seems the only way to get more cards is to use real money. You get one pack in the game for free. But if you want more I think you have to buy some of the newer card packs and register them on the site to unlock it. I don’t think you can buy cards with real or in-game currency. And that really brings the whole thing down. I could buy a game like this in a heart beat, but I really dislike paying for DLC (Down-Loadable Content). But check it out if you’re interested. I sure will keep an eye on this project.

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Retro Game Master – Subtitled

08/26/2011 Leave a comment

Retro Game Master is a Japanese TV show that basically is about a guy that isn’t (or at least wasn’t) that familiar with video games. And in the show he plays retro games and tries to beat them in a certain time. The video game site Kotaku (a play on the word “otaku”) has started to translate these episodes. I don’t know much more than that, I’d love to watch it. But I can’t… why? Because for some stupid reason it can’t be viewed outside of the US! I hate when that shit happens, makes no sense. The Internet is GLOBAL!

Click here to watch episode 10 of Retro Game Master

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Playboy girl does video game shoot

08/26/2011 1 comment

Playboy lady Jo Garcia laying on a bed of video games. There are better ones out there (I’ll come back to that later), this one is a bit too fake. Also I don’t like the shoes. But still… hgn!

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Amazing Zelda cosplay

08/23/2011 Leave a comment

Akuriko at has made this beautiful cosplay as Princess Zelda from the game Twilight princess. I love her style in that game and her she is being portrayed as good as it ever gets.

Source and more

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Giant Gundam in pieces

08/22/2011 Leave a comment

The giant Gundam statue that was raised in Japana while back has now been taken a part. Here is a well made video showing off all the pieces. Wish it would have stayed up. Wish I could have seen it with my own eyes. I love how Japan does these kind of things. Hope they do more of this in the near future, I’m almost certain.


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