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Delivery of Japanese epicness

Today is such a shitty day, but I got a package in the mail I didn’t think I would get so soon that brought something positive to this day.


Covering up my name and address

I ordered it off of Amazon.co.uk but the seller is called Klicnow. (Thank you!) Somehow though, don’t know if it’s my fault or Amazon’s but I accidentally ordered two.

There was another thing I wanted to buy but it wasn’t sent because the money I had set to the vitrual Master Card I used to pay with wasn’t enough for all three items. I’ll order the other thing as soon as I’ve gotten my money refunded for the second flag.

Yes! A Japanese flag! (You can see a bit of my toes, gya~!)

Finally I got a Japanese flag! It’s a bit thinner than I hoped for. But it’s still very nice. It cost me around 95 kronor / $15. It got some marks from the folding so I might take it to mom for some ironing. Then I’m gonna put it up on my wall! ^^

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  1. Anonymous
    07/28/2011 at 22:14

    Awesome, I mean SUGOI

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