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Japan won the women’s world cup in soccer!

Wow. What an amazing game. I just got finished watching the women’s world cup with Japan against USA on TV. After having the score at 2-2 playing on over time, it led to penalties and then they won with a strong margin.

The game was very tense and it looked like USA was going to be the winner at some stages. USA was the beforehand favored team, and for the first half and almost the whole game they were the better team. But Japan started to get in to the game already in the end of the first half, and kept growing stronger. First goal by USA, then Japan, then USA, then Japan. And Japan made their both goals at crucial times.

I was sweating and biting my nails the longer it kept going. I was tweeting a lot, so sorry to all those people that follow me and thought it was annoying. Also I screamed a lot which I’m sure my neighbors didn’t like. At the end when they won and I grabbed Akira (my cat), jumped around and screamed “Jaaa!! Jaaa!!!”, which is swedish for “Yeees! Yeees!”, I think I got a knock by some neighbor that got annoyed. At this time the clock was about 23:10 (11:10 PM) here. (Sorry!)

I love how Japan plays soccer. Both the female and male team. Though I love Japan as a country the most, my favorite team in soccer is South Korea. They too play in a special way. But my favorite players in Japan’s female team, also called Nadeshiko in Japan, are:

Sameshima Aya, Miyama Aya, Ando Kozue, Ohno Shinobu andYamaguchi Mami. Sameshima especially because she’s so cute!

I’m so happy for Japan, so great for the team to win the world cup for the first time. It’s womens soccer but still amazing. This is one of the best soccer games I’ve seen! This is also great for Japan as a nation due to the huge disaster that happened 4 months ago in the country.

Really love how the country I love, and the underdog of this match won against the strong and cocky USA team.


Read more about it here.

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  1. Takano!!
    07/18/2011 at 00:20

    Fantastiskt!! 8D
    Grymt blogginlägg! Och jag har inte tänkt på det, att det hjälper Japan som nation för katastrofen. Tänkte mer på att det skulle gå uppåt för TV-spels branchen i Japan om de vann ;D!

    • 07/18/2011 at 20:36

      Hur skulle det hjälpa TV-spelbranschen? O.o

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