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She is amazing

Watch this video…

This is Actroid-F, unfortunately I don’t know which model number, but yes she is a robot. An android, a humanoid. And don’t you agree she is amazingly well made? I love her. I’ve almost fell in love with her as you would with an anime character or celebrity. Gya~. Yes it does turn me on…

But also I just love robots!  Many people find this disturbing or scary. I don’t. I love that this is happening, and I want it to come faster. I want to see the day when robots of any kind are a bigger part of society. I wanna see them in “the wild” and in the homes. One day it will be a reality. The question is when. And to what extent. In terms of Artificial Intelligence we have robots today, to quote Michio Kaku, the intelligence of a retarded cockroach. Still that’s something. But it’s not really the AI I look forward to most, it’s just to see self-functional robots really being used in this world. Japan is sure to be one of the first places where this becomes a reality.

We see new tech and amazing robots all the time, but it’s all research and behind closed doors or too expensive to anyone who isn’t very rich. I understand the slow development, though it is rather fast, but I just want it to be here sooner! More tech! More robots! More smart and unique ways we utilize these machines. I long for the future.

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