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The J-vlogger Meaphe

Vlogging, video blogging or video logging (I’m not sure which one!), is awesome. I try making vlogs but I’m really bad at it. One who is awesome is Meagan on Youtube. She is a english teacher in Japan right now, and not only is she in Japan, she is also a very cool and funny and kind person. (Also I gotta admit I find her attractive, but in a different way than what you’d expect) So she’s a J-vlogger, which is simply a vlogger in Japan. And there are a lot of them, some more famous than Meaphe (Meagan’s Youtube name). She makes a video every day, and I’ve watched every one of them since vlog #40 something, I’m ashamed that I haven’t gone back to watch all the first videos. There are a bunch of videos missing, which is just so damn annoying. To her it’s sooo irritating because they just disappeared for no reason! And she had no back-up of these videos and Youtube doesn’t seem to be able to get them back up! I don’t know how I would handle such a loss. If you’re wondering where some of the videos are in the middle of it all. Damn Youtube…

She is my second favorite personality/vlogger on Youtube. My favorite, though it’s someone who has been really absent for a long time, thus it’s hard to call him my number one favorite Youtuber at the moment, is TokyoCooney. Kevin Cooney is an awesome guy, a smart and funny guy, who has lived in Japan for like 10 years. I love his videos. Someone I envy even more than Meaphe. I’ll probably post more videos about J-vloggers in the future, I have before.

But please take a look at Meaphe’s latest video below. This is normally how every video is but sometimes they are changed up a bit.

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