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The making of a The Angry Video Game Nerd episode

Former known as The Angry Nintendo Nerd, also known as James Rolfe. James is the guy behind the character AVGN. What he does is play shitty retro games and bash them. Rightfully so. There is some amazingly bad games from the past. He really knows how to show you the bad side of games. With a lot of swearing and fucked up games this is some lovely shit.

His latest video though isn’t an ordinary episode, in this video he shows us how he goes about making these videos. And as a creator of videos and lover of video editing I find this very interesting. But it also makes me feel like I can never be able to do what he does. And it’s not like he make real big movies. Still he is a very talented film maker. There is so much work he goes through when making these videos, gotta applaud him for that. Watch the video by clicking the link below to get to GameTrailers.com where they are posted.

The making of an Angry Video Game Nerd episode 

Or watch an actual episode here:

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