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Fragile dreams

Fragile dreams: Farwell the ruins of the moon, is a Wii game. A Wii game I haven’t played yet. But hearing RMC talk about it so passionately on the Go Nintendo Podcast made me really want the game. Also I think it fits well with my current life… Fragile dreams is made by Namco Bandai. It’s a japanese action RPG styled game with some really weird stuff, some bad combat but amazing story they say. It takes place in a apocalyptic world and you are alone trying to figure out the mysteries of the past. This really appeals to me.I got the game of Amazon.co.uk, and as you probably already know I live in Sweden.

It’s old news but I just discovered how cheap it is to buy games of of Amazon, which is weird since it’s basically importing. Another game I will import from Amazon is Dead or alive for the 3DS, as I’ve said here.
It cost me only 204 kroner/32,5 USD in total, even if it’s
not new and didn’t sell well or get very high review scores
it’s a very good price.

But let’s see if I like it later tonight.

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