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Akira-chan the cat

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Have I ever told you about Akira? My cat. Not much on my blog I haven’t.

Akira-chan is 2 years old. He is a funny and crazy cat, but not without problems. If you follow me on Twitter or if you’re subbed to me on Youtube you know that he has been destroying the net I have on the balcony. I have it there because it’s a law in Sweden that says you gotta have some kind of protection if you have a pet 5 meters above ground. I live on the 3rd floor. But mainly because I don’t want him to fall or escape. If he would fall or escape I wouldn’t be too worried though. He’s a cat and they are amazing creatures with a very high durability. And if he got outside without a leash, yes I do take him for a walk sometimes, I think he would just be hiding somewhere close to the entrance.

I installed something like a table not long on the balcony so I can put stuff on it. This seems to have given Akira the idea to break the net and walk out. One day I got home and he was just standing there on the small ledge. I slowly walked towards him and grabbed him through the net, making another hole to get him inside. I fixed the holes with some left-over net. But since then he has made several attempts at getting through. One time he was just sitting on the neighbors balcony floor.

I’ve tried to fix it with other kinds of net and using a lot of plastic pincher bands (I don’t know the name of them in english). And yesterday I even took away the table side. I’m gonna have to buy a small ordinary table instead. Still today he has damaged the net, but it won’t be easy for him to break out. Next I might have to go with some chicken wire on the lower part of the net.

Also he sometimes pushes stuff on to the floor breaking them. Recently he also attacked and scratched up my mattress. Except these things and not being the most cuddly cat, he is very cute and funny and good cat. He only peed a few times one week, months after I got him, but that was because I had some dirty laundry laying on the floor. Oh and he pukes sometimes… I gotta call the vet about that. He can’t eat anything but cat food, then he pukes soon there after. Still he pukes sometimes though. And he’s very picky about his food.

I gave Akira the name Akira just because it’s a quite common Japanese name, even for pets.

Akira wasn’t always my cat though…

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My ringtone

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As I’ve said, I love customizing. And I’d just like to show, or rather let you listen, to my current ring tone. (Why is there no word like “show” but for sounds?) I’ve had it since I bought my first iPhone in 2009. That was a 2G, now I have iPhone 4 and I love it so! Much more about that later! For now, listen to my awesome ring tone below!

Oh yeah, it’s Sailor Moon’s transformation tune from one of my favorite anime series. 

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Masahiro Sakurai’s cat

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I’m a big fan of Masahiro Sakurai, because he is the person responsible for Super Smash bros. and one of the creators of Kirby. And I love both games. I like Kirby a lot and I worship Smash. He has a cat. And he has Twitter. Here is a picture of his cat that I don’t know the name of.


This picture is so funny and cute, a really good picture. WTF is he doing? Haha! Also what I wanna know is, why does Sakurai-san have a piece of cardboard on his PS3. After some thinking it might be that he wanna keep his cat from pressing the PS3’s buttons.

For some tweets in Japnanese and more pictures of this Scottish fold follow Sakurai-san on his Twitter.


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Nerdy log-in

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I LOVE customization. Customizing in games or on your PC or iPhone. Just love it. And I’m very picky with it, it has to be just right with something that expresses who I am on a visual level. And even if no one sees it or ever will, I still want it my way down to the detail. One thing about WordPress that’s annoying is how little you can change, without paying a fee that is. I’m not gonna do that!

One of the latest little tweaks I’ve made is that I’ve changed the log-in sound in Windows 7 on my PC. Check out the video with the sound here, and guess where it’s from!

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Nintendo 3DS price drop around the world

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So even though we know Nintendo has a very very deep pocket of money, the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t sold as much as they hoped. But they still got the money from Wii and NDS holding them high. Two of the best selling consoles of all time. Now their stock has dropped to a low state not seen since 2005. The Nintendo DS had a slow start, but selling that many 3DS’s isn’t exactly bad. However, there is a price drop that will take place all over the world for the new 3D handheld. Check your region for an exact price soon. But you can read the American press release here, and the European here. But it’s pretty much the same statement.

After Sony announced the price of the Vita, the successor to PlayStation Portable, people immediately started thinking about Nintendo’s price tag on their hand held system. Now, both systems offers something different and not the least when it comes to games. So I think it’s a good thing they are priced the same. But PS Vita IS more expensive to make and it will be brand new when it comes out. So this is a very good step by Nintendo. One very surprising thing though, is that Nintendo WILL lose money on every 3DS sold. Which is something Nintendo basically never has done. That is impressive in it’s self. Satoru Iwata (the president of Nintendo of Japan) says that it’s necessary to bring things back on track.

As I’ve said before I don’t own a 3DS yet, but I very much want one. I’ve been holding off due to lack of time and lack of games and also the fear of the troubles the system has had. As well as the not being a big fan of the systems aesthetic design. But not the temptation to by one is very strong. But the more time that passes the closer we get to the obvious re-design of the system. Maybe I should wait for that one, it’ll be a first for me.

Lastly, here’s a new UK commercial for 3DS. The strange thing is how they don’t mention the glasses free 3D at all…

You gonna get one now? 

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Delivery of Japanese epicness

07/28/2011 1 comment

Today is such a shitty day, but I got a package in the mail I didn’t think I would get so soon that brought something positive to this day.


Covering up my name and address

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Nintendo aiding the victims of the big Japan earthquake / Japan going digital with it’s TV broadcasting

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Not only did Nintendo donate money to help the victims of the big disaster that struck Japan with the earthquake and tsunami in March this year. They are also sending out this package.

It includes a Nintendo DSi XL (known as LL in Japan), along with a TV tuner. Which leads me to another thing I wanted to tell you guys. Japan has now gone to only digital TV broadcasting, so I’m sure those tuners pick up the digital signal… Wish we had something like that in Sweden.

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