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Travel adapter acquired!

Today I bought something very necessary for the big trip. The big trip to Japan in 2012. I found a good and cheap “travel adapter”, a electricity adapter for wall plugs. I needed one to go from Swedish to Japan. Mainly for two uses, and probably only uses, charging the iPhone and using an electric shaver. Unfortunately I’ve found out that my Phillips shaver won’t be able to be plugged in to a Japanese socket. There’s some problem with the watt or amps or whatever. So I might gonna have to buy a shaver when I’m in Japan.

I could talk a lot about my future trip to Japan, and I’ll probably make a post about it sometime before I go. All I know so far is that I got the money for it, I will go to Tokyo, for 2 weeks. And I’m going around summer next year. That’s all I’ve planned so far really, so I’m really gonna have to start planning my trip more deeply now. Not long ago I didn’t know that Japan and the US have the same pins in the wall! That’s weird… I guess I have an idea why but I really wanna know why that is.


It only costed $12 and it came with several different plugs for different countries.

A small step towards something scary, nerve wrecking but amazing, wonderful, exciting and crazy – my big dream.

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  1. 07/20/2011 at 08:15

    Right on!

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