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What anime am I watching now?

Tokyo Mew Mew is the anime I’m currently watching. It’s not very old but not very new, it’s from 2002. I’m only on episode 22 so far but I like it. It has a lot of similarities to Sailor Moon (my favorite anime), as it’s basically about a group of girls that protect the Earth from aliens with some comedy and romance thrown in. My favorite anime genres are action or comedy/romance, so it still fits in to that. Tokyo Mew Mew is so far a good anime, but not more. Though it has made me cry twice! Hasn’t happen with many other animes… just two other ones. It has a big plus for me though since it  of course features nekomimi!

The main character transform in to a cat girl and even when not transform her tail and ears cat appear, which I of course love! And speaking of that, you can watch the transformation of “Mew Ichigo” below. The part where her tail pops out always gives me a spasm for obvious reasons! ^o^’>

I like the intro and outro song a lot, so much that I’ve learned the end of the intro song almost without lyrics! Gya~, はずかしい!

Tokyo Mew Mew wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be, it’s apparently a shoojo style manga/anime. Which is… aimed at younger girls. But this is not a bad thing and I don’t care! Check it out if you like cute and funny anime that is a not as good anime as Sailor Moon but for a bit younger people.

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