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Sony’s E3 press conference

So now I’ve seen Sony’s E3 presentration as well. Have to keep an eye on the “competition” right? Haha. It was better than Microsoft‘s conference for sure, but because I’m not interested in anything PlayStation I didn’t care much. Not much for me. The best game shown was Uncharted 3: Drake’s deception though, it’s one PS3-game that makes me kind of wish I had a PS3. But no.

One other thing I liked was the PlayStation branded TV they announced, one of it’s features is a neat one. Apparently you can use two glasses to see two different things on the same screen, used for local multiplayer.

Here’s something that boggles my mind big time. They showed of a NBA basketball game for Move (Sony’s motion control). And I’m thinking… Why the HELL didn’t they do this for Wii then!? They’ve had all these years and I don’t think there’s any NBA on Wii at all. They acted, again like last year, as if pointing functionality was something new on consoles. And the games graphics wasn’t good at all either! I just don’t get it… some, or almost all, devs are too lazy when it comes to Wii. Not that I’m interested in such a game but it’s the principal.

One difference I think of when I see Nintendo’s and the others E3 conferences throughout the years is that, Sony and Microsoft often have celebrities on the show. And Nintendo has done that too, but far less, and I think one reason is that Nintendo them selfs are the celebrities in that case. Because of the great Nintendo fanbase. We got Satoru Iwata, the president, “the boss”. We got Shigeru Miyamoto, the “god and legend”, the Steven Spielberg of gaming. And Reggie Fils-Aime, “the man”.

Another thing that stuck me was the fact that most of the games Sony showed off this time were very similar to one another. It was just shooter after shooter, gray and brown, some third person action adventure and then more of the same. Just the same. It might be great, and I think I could really enjoy a lot of those games. But where is the variety? Even Microsoft has great variety I think… not so much this year though with all the Kinect focus, but still better than Sony had. Nintendo always has a very broad variety of their own games  and even with franchises like Mario and Metroid, those series have variety like going from Metroid Prime to Metroid Fusion to Other M. And Mario is always fresh, New Super Mario bros. and Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy.

Like I said, I’m not interested in Sony’s products but just like with PSP I was very impressed by the NGP / PSP2 / Vita  (the new official name). But not interested…

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