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Nintendo’s E3 press conference

Oh kay… Where the hell to start on this one? I wanna keep it short and simple because my mind is still in a porridge state.

First about just the conference it self. I liked it more because I’m a bigger fan of Nintendo than Microsoft and Sony. But it was disappointing. I would have thought that Nintendo had this, regardless of what people would think about the new console. But they really dropped the ball in my opinion. The main issue with the show was… it had almost nothing new in terms of games. Most things were games we already knew about, most things were ports.

NOTHING for Wii was showed, except The legend of Zelda: Skyward swords. I don’t need much, just some new games! But nothing from Retro studios, nothing about any Star Fox or F-Zero or even the coming Kirby that was originally for GameCube. So not even stuff we know about was showed in the conference. And almost nothing for Nintendo 3DS either. We got some footage of Mario kart 3DS and only one new game from Nintendo, Luigi’s mansion 2. And just a few third party games that wasn’t interesting at all.

They had an awesome screen and a very cool way to list the games. Must have been amazing to be there. They also started epic with talk about Zelda and a live orchestra.

The conference was one of the worst. It just felt so empty!

Then there was the big news and my brain turned to porridge. I’m still trying to comprehend everything about the new system. The name is Wii U. I knew they wouldn’t drop the name “Wii”, it’s just too big now. I don’t hate the name but I think in this case just “Wii 2” would be better. The new thing is of course the controller and all the new features of it. So the rumors were true. I won’t explain it all here, you can find all the info on your own.

I will buy Wii U, of course, I love Nintendo and they won’t disappoint me. But I don’t know what to think about the controller! I’m not sure it’s a change I want with games. I get some of the ideas and they are really neat. But I love the Wii-remote with it’s separated controllers and the way you hold it. I’m reluctant to move away from that. But Nintendo always changes the controller and the Wii is fully compatible with Wii U. The Wii U is also MUCH stronger in terms of internal hardware than the Wii. We saw some tech demos and some games from third parties, and that was impressive to see on Nintendo. Something that would otherwise be a given. So now the devs have even less of an excuse.

So I love the graphics, I love new tech. This is really something we have never seen before. And it might catch on a lot, it is similar to the iPad of course and it has been doing very well with the masses. We really don’t know much yet, in my opinion they should have focused ONLY on NDS, 3DS and Wii. And just mentioned Wii U. And revealed it next year when they could talk more about the features and announce new games and everything! Now people are confused and are easy to bash Nintendo.

We are just gonna have to wait and see more from Nintendo on Wii U. They have A LOT to show and tell before it comes out next year. I’m more worried about why they didn’t have more on 3DS though…

The thing I’m always most excited about and that really counts, are the games. So I’m very very excited for a new generation of Nintendo games. But the controller I’m not sure about, I’m sure I won’t have it so I’ll be fine.

See more on Wii U here

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