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Microsoft’s E3 2011 press conference


What can I say? A bit awesome, a bit awkward, a bit wtf? I’m not a HUGE fan of Xbox 360 or Microsoft, you know I’m a Nintendo gamer by heart. But I do own an Xbox 360 and I love some of it’s games and features. I watched Microsoft’s conference that is the first of the conferences.

Microsoft chose to focus on Kinect. And I like Kinect, I don’t have it but I think the technology is very interesting. Though the games they showed didn’t appeal to me at all. Except for Dance central 2. I love Fable but “Fable on rail” might not be something I wanna get, maybe though. And Star Wars for Kinect, I would be interested if the game would play better. I love the idea but it’s also on rails and seemed wonky with it’s controller less controls.

They talked a lot about voice control too, and I love that idea. The geek in me just love that you can control things with your voice. And in Mass effect 3 it looked really cool, almost so it pushes me to buy it.

But in terms of games that I wanna buy, beyond Dance central 2, I really want Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3 and the new Tomb Raider. Love both franchises and now they look more impressive than ever. I love cinematic games!

So I think Microsoft will come out on third place in terms of who the general will think “won” E3.

I’m gonna have to watch Sony tomorrow as it’s on really late here in Sweden and I gotta get up a bit early tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the time for Nintendo’s conference, the highlight of E3!

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