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Nintendo tops best developers list

There’s no doubt Nintendo is my favorite company. Both in gaming and in anything. I love Nintendo and I have reasons for it. I might come off as a fanboy, but I wouldn’t call myself that. It’s just that I care, like and root more for Nintendo than any other company. I love their games and I love the Nintendo difference and I love people like Miyamoto and I love they way they think. Of course even I have my complaints and sometimes Nintendo does things that are just crazy stupid. But they have such a rich history and such a strong reputation, they are the masters of handheld gaming and they won this generation with Wii.

Recently magazine and website Develop, made a top-100 list of the best developers in the world. Mind that the list is based on the review scores for 2010. Which makes this list a bit of a weird one, still interesting and well deserved by Nintendo.

The top 10:

1 Nintendo EAD Tokyo (Japan)
2 2D Boy (USA)
3 ZeptoLab (Russia)
4 SCE Santa Monica (USA)
5 Blizzard Entertainment (USA)
6 Media Vision (Japan)
7 1337 Game Design (Sweden)
8 Bungie Software (USA)
9 Rockstar Leeds (UK)
10 TheCodingMonkeys (Germany)

Full list


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