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A lost t-shirt

Oh how things like these annoy me! Not long ago I found a picture of a thing I completely had forgotten about. This is the picture.

This is from when I bought Resident Evil 5, these are the things are I got when I preordered the game at Game (European store). Fucking love that game, not as good as Resident Evil 4 though, no. You got the game, 14 hours Gold Live, 100 kronor (about $16). And that awesome t-shirt. Before this I only had one gaming related wear, a rather ugly Super Mario galaxy t-shirt.

When I saw this picture not long ago I remembered it, and was like “heeey… where the hell is that shirt?”. And I can’t even remember wearing it! I had no idea where it was, and I still don’t. It’s gone… At the time I got it I lived with my grandmother, I lived with her for a year because my mom moved in with a guy and I didn’t want to live/fit in the new house. I asked grandma if she has seen it, and I even looked around her house. But it’s completely gone! I really don’t get it. You gotta hate these kinda things don’t you?

If anyone know where I can buy this t-shirt, please tell me, I’ll buy it at a high price.

Update: I’ve now found it! Read here about that. 

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