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News on Japan

I’m not a person who watches and read the news. I choose not to, I wont do it just cause it’s what everyone expect you to do at this age. I do what I want. There are several examples like this. I don’t wanna read or watch “the news” because I already know that a lot of shit is going on in the world. I don’t need to be reminded and there’s not much I can do about anything. It’s always the bad news they present, why not some positive? It’s just too much negativity, I can’t handle it. Judge me as you like. I do of course hear about the big things. The only news I really read are those about video games, about the industry and whatever. And of course almost anything about Japan I will gobble up.

And in these times, after the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, I obviously try to keep me updated as much as I can on the situation. As I said in another post, I could talk about this a lot, but this time I just wanted to give you some tips on how you can easily get news on Japan.

First we have Twitter, these are the ones I recommend:

Tokyo Reporter

The Daily Yomiuri

Hiroko Tabuchi

Prime Minister’s office of Japan’s official Twitter

A site that broadcasts various things online in english about and from Japan, JibTV.com. (To watch the same broadcast on your iPhone or iPod, download NHK World TV Live.)

A podcast that focuses on news of Japan, Japan Talk by Edward of Japundit.com.

The site Japan Times is of course and very good source for news on Japan.

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