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Hello Kitty ice cream

06/28/2011 1 comment

Oh yeah of course Sweden is full of Hello Kitty. I see it all the time and I like Hello Kitty because I love cats, she’s from Japan and she’s a bit cute. I’m weird like that! ^.^’>

I snapped this photo today when I was at the store wasting some money on ice cream this very hot day!

($4.6) I would have bought it if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t like blue berries. T_T 

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RMC’s anime blog

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Kevin Cassidy, aka RawMeatCowboy, owner of Go Also has a blog about anime. I had no idea about this and it was kinda surprising to hear it on the latest podcast. It’s called Anime your wayand tries to make people more aware of anime. I’ll be sure to check it out from time to time since I need some more tips for good anime shows!

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The newest member of AK48

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AKB48 is a huge music group in Japan. They are huge both in numbers and popularity. They are everywhere in Japan. I love Japanese music and J-Pop, AKB48 might not be a favourite but I still like a lot of their music. I think this is their 59th member, because I think they have 58 members now and they are divided in to groups. A main team, and then B team and so on if I have understood this correctly. The 59th member however is something special… Just like my last post this singer is virtual. Her voice is done by one of the members but her face was generated by taking the best parts from the core members. Watch this video to understand it better. Oh yeah, I love this too…

If you follow the annotation link in the video you can even have a go yourself at making a virtual idol.

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Vocaloid & Hatsune Miku – mini-documentary

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Ever heard of Vocaloid? Hatsune Miku? Or should I ask if you have heard it’s music? Because Vocaloid is a PC program used to create a computer generated voice of the virtual singer Hatsune Miku. She is a famous singer in Japan but she is isn’t real. I love some of the music. And you can actually download the software yourself, not only can you make music and vocals you can also make her dance! Watch this mini-documentary below for more info.

I love this. Love how technology is advancing in the virtual realm giving birth to things like this.

Unfortunately this software isn’t free and rather expensive. T_T 

Download the music video maker (for free I think), MikuMiku dance, here.

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Travel adapter acquired!

06/23/2011 1 comment

Today I bought something very necessary for the big trip. The big trip to Japan in 2012. I found a good and cheap “travel adapter”, a electricity adapter for wall plugs. I needed one to go from Swedish to Japan. Mainly for two uses, and probably only uses, charging the iPhone and using an electric shaver. Unfortunately I’ve found out that my Phillips shaver won’t be able to be plugged in to a Japanese socket. There’s some problem with the watt or amps or whatever. So I might gonna have to buy a shaver when I’m in Japan.

I could talk a lot about my future trip to Japan, and I’ll probably make a post about it sometime before I go. All I know so far is that I got the money for it, I will go to Tokyo, for 2 weeks. And I’m going around summer next year. That’s all I’ve planned so far really, so I’m really gonna have to start planning my trip more deeply now. Not long ago I didn’t know that Japan and the US have the same pins in the wall! That’s weird… I guess I have an idea why but I really wanna know why that is.


It only costed $12 and it came with several different plugs for different countries.

A small step towards something scary, nerve wrecking but amazing, wonderful, exciting and crazy – my big dream.

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Kirby TV channel

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Oh yeah, Europe getting something exclusive for the Wii? Yeah it’s a new channel for the Wii. Not much going on with the Wii now even though I don’t complain because I got too much to play on like every systems anyway. But this is neat, today we got a Kirby related channel to download for free. It will let you watch the Kirby animated series. So awesome! I haven’t tried it out yet but I think I’ll have some cosy time with Kirby this weekend. And I love Kirby, the games and as a character. He’s my second or third favourite (haven’t decided yet) character in Smash bros. Brawl. So I like it.

The downside however, and this is just weird, is that the showing of the episodes are limited. You only got 14 days to watch an episode that comes out, then it’s removed apparently (except for the 4 first ones it seems). They will release a new episode every Monday and Thursday. So get on your Wii and download this thing! If you live in Europe that is…


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Love Plus advertisement

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Love Plus, as I’ve posed about before, is a dating simulator for the Nintendo DS and now coming for 3DS. In this case it’s about a Love Plus branded candy I believe. And I really like how they advertise this in the Japan subways. Scrolling ads isn’t something new but this one is different. It’s “breaking the 4th wall” as it’s called. Just have a look at the video here.

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