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The birth of Pokémon

I love Pokémon. But when I say that I mean the games and the idea of Pokémon. I have many memories that go back to the early days of PKMN. I collected the trading game cards, and I love that game too. Just a bit of a shame it’s not easy to play… because… I don’t have anyone to play it with. I really home Nintendo creates a new Trading Card Game for the 3DS. Would be so awesome. I still have all my Pokémon cards! Keep them as collectibles, I love many of the illustrations.

I also remember when I first saw it,  1999 was the year Pokémon reached Sweden. But I started my adventure with the games and cards in 2000. And of course I watched the anime. Me and my best friend both did all of this so it was great to share this universe with someone. PKMN is one amazing phenomena, it’s a huge series that expands beyond games like no other franchise in this industry. Whether you like Pokémon or not you gotta hand it to Nintendo, and the creator of the games Satoshi Tajiri. I could talk so much about Pokémon… But I’m gonna leave it at that, and give you a link to the story behind how everything started.

How Pokémon was born from bug collecting and Asperger’s syndrome 

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