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Zelda Williams

Did you know that Robin Williams (one of my favorite actors) has a daughter? Did you know that her name is Zelda? Yes Robin Williams did name her after princess Zelda from The legend of Zelda, (who was named after the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald). I think Zelda Williams is an awesome name regardless of where it’s from.

Apparently she has done a shoot for something involving Nintendo. Might it have something to do with Ocarina of time 3D? Or some other Zelda game or maybe just any game from Nintendo? Interesting.

I didn’t know how old she was or what she looks like so I did a Google search. She’s 21 years old, and rather hot!

Also check out this clip with her dad talking about her name and his gaming habits, real funny.

(Low sound so turn up the volume, don’t forget to turn it down again afterwards!)


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