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Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides / 3D cinema

So I just got home from the cinemas. I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean. Alone. 

This is not only a review of that movie but also a review of 3D cinema, it was my first time. Not the first time experience with 3D though. Let’s start with the 3D.

Tech review

I have tried the 3D glasses on a 3D TV before, and I have seen Spykids 3D using the old red/blue glasses. Oh my Buddha that movie was shit, only saw it with a friend cause we wanted to check out the 3D. You had to take them on and off and shit as well… Anyway where was I? I’ve also tried the 3DS, but I don’t own one as I’ve said before. Might give my thought on that later. The 3D in swedish cinema? It’s nice. But it’s not perfect. And like with 3DS there is more of a depth than stretching out. It makes you feel more close to the movie, sometimes like you’re almost there. But a lot has to do with the directing and editing of the movie of course. And how well the 3D effect is done. The first thing I saw though was the trailers before the movie in 3D. This was quite awesome. I’m a tech geek so it was exciting to really see a depth and some thing popping out from the screen. For the movie it self it was kinda suddle.

Though the first scene really made it feel like you were there, and it’s when there is some real depth in the scenes that you feel the effect the most. And when things are in the foreground pointing at you. Very cool.

The glasses, as you might know, makes everything a bit darker. This is not a good thing of course, but could be compensated I think. For me there was a slight problem that not everyone have with 3D glasses, and it’s something I don’t like to tell people about. I’ve never said it “publicly” online so here goes… I wear glasses. Yes I have some bad sight, I need them to see further away and I always use them watching a screen or reading something. So when going to the cinema I need them. And this makes for a problem, people with glasses need to put the 3D glasses over the first ones. This did however work, with a little discomfort. But it’s like I had to choose, either see the screen a bit blurry but have more comfort. Or see everything clearer but have two glasses on your head. I’m not sure if the glass it self can infer with the 3D but I don’t think so.

This did give me a slight irritation on the eyes. The movie was long (over 2 hours) so it could have happened anyway or it was because it being my first time or it’s just rather common for people to have. Also something strange I noticed, is that in between the eyes of the 3D glasses, in the front. There is a sensor. If you hold your finger in front of it the screens “turn off” and are just non-3D glasses. Also, it seemed like I could adjust the 3D effect by moving the finger. It was very strange and I don’t know if I was doing it right. But I moved my finger to the right and it seem to separate the images a bit more. And I thought that made it better for me.

I sat on row 5, this I think is the ideal spot int a large theater. Or row 6. But maybe with 3D movies you wanna sit further back.  Maybe it makes it easier to see the effect because I felt like I would wanna move back a bit. Or it was just because of the 3D it self all together.

Anyway. First time with a 3D movie. Very cool. But still I don’t know what I would have preferred. It’s a very hard choice. But I guess only because of the discomfort in my eyes, the need for two glasses and not really seeing the effect have a bigger impact on this movie. I would prefer to see it again without 3D. Sad but true. Doesn’t mean I regret it though, I think this IS the way to go with movie watching. It just needs to be perfected.

Movie review

Now on to the movie! I love Pirates of the Caribbean. Well the first movie that is. But I also think the second and third movie,  Dead man’s chest and At world’s end, are excellent movies. I usually don’t agree with this “the first one is awesome but everything after is shit!”-mentality. Seems to happen a lot with movies and games. Not saying nobody really has this opinion but it seems like it’s just a thing people do without making their minds up on their own… But I agree, the first movie is the best. The other two are quite similar in how good they are. But I’ll get to the point, the forth movie is the worst of the four. And usually I say the least good one. But this movie wasn’t that great. It’s not bad mind you… well, not terrible. The problem with this movie is that it’s a lot missing. Two of the main actors are missing, not that I require them but it feels a bit empty. Sometimes it feels like the movie was made up on the spot. It’s hard to understand some of the details or they just make you go “wait what…”, “oh kay…”, “wtf”. A lot of times I did this.

It simply does not reach the other movies in neither acting, epicness or even humor! It wasn’t as funny as I’d like it to be. It feels half-assed to be honest. Like they made the movie just for the sake of it. Not much thought given to it and almost the only great thing about this movie is Johnny Depp aka Jack Sparrow…

Don’t know what else to say really, I had some thoughts but I have a bad memory and not to make a too long post I’ll end it here! Go see it if you love Pirates of the Caribbean. But don’t expect it to be better than any of the other ones. Or just wait for it to hit DVD and then watch it. Absolutely it’s worth to see,  but for me it’s not worth to own. (Maybe just to have the whole set though!)

It was really expensive to go see. 140 swedish kronor ($22).including a reservation fee). Without the 3D (not an option) I’m sure it would have cost 90 kronor ($14).


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