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Pic of the month – May 2011 – Otaku pants

This months picture is of one of my pants. A pair of jeans I bought online, about 15 bucks (100 kr). First I thought they came from Japan but it turns out it’s just the name of the brand. Japan rags. You understand why because they are damaged on purpose and they have big pockets which they like in Japan. The label on the back (hardly visible anymore) is in the form of the japanese flag. The pants look nice and fit well so it doesn’t matter if they aren’t from Japan.

The text “OTAKU” is done by me though. I was taking over for mom at her job one day, and I found a black marker pen. And I just wrote it on my pants in wait for more customers. I really like it, and since people in Sweden don’t know what the hell an otaku is it’s nothing to worry about. Not that I would be ashamed of it. But I promise I will not use these pants in Japan, in that case it would be a bit stupid. Otaku is a very negative word in it’s country of origin. (More on that later) But the text is starting to fade now anyway so maybe I will wear them in Japan.

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