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Forum user prevents 3DS game from being released in Sweden

Yes that’s right. The 3DS fighting game Dead or alive: Dimensions will NOT be released in Sweden nor Norway nor Denmark. This is because the Swedish company, Bergsala, that handles all things Nintendo in The North had received a threat from a user on Sweden’s biggest forum, named Flashback. The threat was that if the game was released he would accuse Bergsala of releasing child pornography. The reason for this was apparently not to get the game banned but to test the Swedish law against child pornography. The user was going to use the reason that some of the girls in the game are under the age of 18 and are portrayed in a sexual manner. Simply Bergsala got too scared to do anything but to prevent the game from reaching stores.

Now this is something that really gets my blood boiling. Not only is this so utterly stupid because obviously there isn’t even a case of child pornography. The game has NO porn! And the girls aren’t really children. There has of course been a lot of other media with the same type of content, and even worse content, released in Sweden. So this just shows how stupid Bergsala is to prevent the game from reaching a lot of gamers and making Team Ninja, Tecmo and Nintendo not getting the sales as they could have, JUST because they got scared by some guy who made a completely absurd statement. I’m ashamed to be Swedish in this case.

I’m a fan of the series and even though I don’t own a 3DS yet. I was very interested in the game. Wasn’t sure if I would buy it yet, but now I sure as hell will! I will import it from the UK just because of this incidence. So I can enjoy the sexiness of Dead or alive in 3D while I drool my ass off looking at the panty shots and boob physics, just like I did when I was younger playing the game on Xbox with my pants down.

Child pornography – according to Bergsala


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