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Brain controlled cat ears

As you might already know, I love nekomimi, 猫耳 is Japanese for “cat ears”, but in the otaku realm it is the type of girl that mainly has cat ears and a cat tail and goes “nya~”. Oh so sexy. I also love technology. I don’t know why this hasn’t been made before (maybe the tech wasn’t ready or I haven’t noticed). The Japanese company Neurowear has created a head wear that reads your brainwaves and then makes a pair of cat ears move according to your state of mind, in limited fashion though. They probably won’t be released outside of Japan, and will probably cost a lot.


This is soooo awesome, OMG! Such a cool way to express yourself. So cute, and hot! Seeing a girl wearing those… oh yeah… Ehum! I just love how amazing it is that we can control things with out mind, think about the future. The tech and the ways we can train our minds, and what more will we discover about out inner neuronetwork inside the brain. I so wish I could have these, the problem would be I wouldn’t dare to wear them anywhere. Gya~!

Don’t forget to go to the Youtube channel for more videos where it’s being tried on.


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    Thank you..really informative!!

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