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Nekomimi gallery

05/31/2011 2 comments

Oh yeah. You already know I love nekomimi, aka cat girls. So damn cute and… sexy, mew! And as you can see I have a gallery just for this wonderful creature on my blog. I’m so far putting up my favorite nekomimi pictures there. I wanna give you the source to most of them. I’m currently plowing through a massive gallery of nekomimi pictures on a site I found on a chat. Some are bad, some are amazing, and some are… very pervy and beyond. So have a look at your own risk, this one is for all you cat girl lovers. Nya~!’s nekomimi gallery

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The birth of Pokémon

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I love Pokémon. But when I say that I mean the games and the idea of Pokémon. I have many memories that go back to the early days of PKMN. I collected the trading game cards, and I love that game too. Just a bit of a shame it’s not easy to play… because… I don’t have anyone to play it with. I really home Nintendo creates a new Trading Card Game for the 3DS. Would be so awesome. I still have all my Pokémon cards! Keep them as collectibles, I love many of the illustrations.

I also remember when I first saw it,  1999 was the year Pokémon reached Sweden. But I started my adventure with the games and cards in 2000. And of course I watched the anime. Me and my best friend both did all of this so it was great to share this universe with someone. PKMN is one amazing phenomena, it’s a huge series that expands beyond games like no other franchise in this industry. Whether you like Pokémon or not you gotta hand it to Nintendo, and the creator of the games Satoshi Tajiri. I could talk so much about Pokémon… But I’m gonna leave it at that, and give you a link to the story behind how everything started.

How Pokémon was born from bug collecting and Asperger’s syndrome 

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HEXBUG – Robotic insect

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I saw something funny and cool in a recent video from one of my subscriptions on Youtube. Take a look.

It’s called a Hexbug, and there are different types of them. (this model could be used for something else I think… by a girl) I love technology, I love robots. So I love these little things. Some are more advanced and some you can control. I have a cat so this would be a really nice toy for him. I’m so gonna buy this, it’s not too expensive (about £9). Don’t think I will right now but I will later.

Check out the official website here!

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Japan on Youtube – channel recomendation

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I love Youtube. Who doesn’t!? An amazing place for videos. Even though they screw a lot of things up… It’s a great place to study Japanese and just learn about Japan in general. Sometimes I just try to find anything that involving Japan on Youtube to watch, because I’m interested in almost anything possible. I do wanna give a shout out to one user that has a huge database of videos about so many things from Japan. He is an Australian guy living in Japan and he often uploads videos to share the amazing, odd or sometimes not so great things about Japan.

Go to the channel here.

Here’s just two examples. 

I’m a bit of a shoushoku boy for sure. ._.

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Japanese for morons

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I study Japanese. I’ve done so for a little more than a year. I used to take a course in Japanese but it only lasted for 4 terms then our sensei was moving to the capital of Sweden. Not sure if they will find another teacher so that the class can continue, but I will of course continue on my own like always. Like anything japanese I could talk a lot about it, but I’m just gonna give you one of many tips on how to get help learning Japanese.

There is so much help you can get online, and a great source is of course Youtube. And one of the best, probably THE best teacher on Youtube for Japanese is Victor. He has started a new channel with a better name that is gonna focus only on the language. Here is the first video and please subscribe if you are interested.

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E3 is soon upon us

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OMG. E3 2011, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s only 8 days left until the massive video game party begins over at Los Angeles. 3 days of gaming news and excitement. It’s the biggest day of all year for this industry. It’s like christmas for gamers. Now that E3 really is back on it’s feet again. And with Nintendo saying they are gonna announced the next home console, this could be one of the best E3’s. So excited! There’s gonna be so much coverage by the press, beginning on June  7th and ending on the 9th. But really stuff starts gets going on the day before and will last for several days beyond the three. I don’t know how much I will cover, since I know this site isn’t really being red, but I will put up the big stuff before and after when it comes to Nintendo. To get the hype going, is of course already at work.

Here’s a GT countdown for the top 10 most anticipated games of E3’11.

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Thread filled with concept goodness of gaming

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I love this shit. Things that are only prototypes or that never made it in to the final product. Artwork or early models of controllers and consoles. The focus is on Nintendo, my favorite company, but not only. Have a check at all the marbles.

NeoGaf – Inside the secret world of Nintendo

One of the latest found is this Demon Suit for Mario…

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