Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – A Masterpiece

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Wow. I just finished Uncharted 4. First game I finished on my newly bought PS4. I borrowed the game from my cousin, I was going to buy it anyway, and I’m gonna have to get it for myself. It’s just that good.

There are very few things I dislike about this game. I’ll list them before I gush more about how amazing this game is.

Firstly, I know it’s a video game but I don’t like how Nathan seems like some kind of super human. I’m not talking about getting shot a bunch. I’m talking about not needing to eat for so long. Having inhuman stamina. And then just being through so much without collapsing. Though time is hard to estimate in this.

Second, enemies not caring about dead bodies and guns just laying around. It only happened once to me, where a guard found a dead or fainted guy on the ground, and raising an alarm about it. Every other time it didn’t matter where the bodies where or that they walked right past them, they didn’t care. That took me out of it. Same with just guns laying around. This game is otherwise very realistic.

So I can go with the movie and video game logic, but I know it’s not impossible to put something in to solve these smaller complaints.

Even more unrealistic and frustrating was the cases where someone couldn’t get up somewhere, even though both or one always had a rope on them. They could have literally either used the rope they have to help the other person up, or thrown the rope to the person who could help. But yeah, how do you solve the problem where you either can’t swing around with a rope or remove smaller puzzles like that? This too took me out of it, seems so stupid.


And then the fact that the bad guys always either caught up really fast or was one step a head all the time. I know why they did this, they want you to have something to do other than explore and have more interactions with them in general. But come on, how could they be ahead so much when I’m doing all the solving and going through what seems to be the only way, the first time anyone has ever done it? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Then the amount of people you face in shootings… So many people traveling so much through hard terrain, everyone equally skilled? And so many people Nate had to kill…

Also, even though the scenery is amazing, I think it was too much sometimes with statues and other decorative stuff. Didn’t feel believable that this pirate had the time, care and resources to do SO much. Wished it was scaled down just a notch.

And finally at the end. Did they go back to get the treasure? Did the bad guy do the same? Why wouldn’t they?


And you can feel it’s repetitive at times when you have cut scene, shooting, puzzle, climbing over and over again but in different orders, but it’s still great regardless. Puzzles did feel a bit easy at times, and more like just a thing you had to do to move on. So out of all the elements, that felt like the weakest one. Not too bad though.

Except these minor complaints, Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece of a game. One of the best games I’ve ever played. The action is amazing, both when it comes to shooting your way through or just making your way forward. Graphics are amazing and so is the scenery and art direction. So much looks amazing and there’s a nice variety. The cut scenes are amazing, and I’m the kind of person who love those. Along with quick time events. There aren’t many QTE though, and cut scenes never go on for too long. But it really feels like playing a movie, I know some don’t like that, I love that. The story and the character drama, all great. The voice acting and animation are amazing both in-game and in the cut scenes. It’s really hard to put humor in games but I think this one did good, it got close to cringing though.

The game play is great. Very good mechanics and not too much or too little you can do. Nothing feels like a one time thing or a drag to use. There is a very good balance of what you do and when you have to do something alone or with someone. The partner character never messes anything up, that’s always the worry in games with this element, but it worked great. They were more there for the story than anything.

Story was great, characters where great, music was great too, AND the length of the game, was great. I finished it in 18 hours and 25 minutes. Would like to have seen it go past 20 hours. EVERYTHING was great in this game and that just makes it a game worth a full score. Thank you NaughtyDog for this experience. (This was my first Uncharted game)



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While You Were Away…

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Here’s why the While You Were Away “feature” on Twitter doesn’t make any sense to me.

I go always read, or glance through my timeline. I always scroll past every tweet in the timeline. I follow 81 people at the moment, so it works. I don’t want to miss something.

Then sometimes I see the timeline split up in chunks, taken from the past, with this stupid feature you can’t even turn off.

What’s the point of this? It’s not a live stream where things are constantly changing. It’s text that is still there. If I scroll down I’ll go futher back in time. So why would I want some random tweets that don’t match chronologically, when I’m going to get to them anyway? Maybe people want random tweets and don’t care for reading every tweet nor having them in order. 

While I was away? Well yeah, so why do I need ro get a random chunck of tweets moved to the top? It’s like being on away for a few days and have your mail pile up. Then when you get back the post man comes over and sticks a bunch of mail from the middle of the pile in your face. Well yes I’m getting to it!

Is there anyone who likes this?

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Dream Journal 5: Missing Wallet

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Tonight I dreamt I was with a or some friends and we went to their friend’s house. Before that friend living there got home, we cleaned up the place and I think, cooked.

And the way I am, pedantic, I probably cleaned more than I have to. It was quite exhausting. We were gonna watch a movie I think. Then later when this friend came home, I’m not sure what happened. Either I forgot or the dream just skipped ahead to later. And I have no idea why, but for some reason I stayed at this woman’s house as the others left. There was going to a party. 

Then my wallet was missing. For some reason I called the police, while on the phone I looked through it and I saw a small pill. I assumed it was drugs. Either put there by mistake or to set me up. This felt like it happened later but I remember it to be chronologicly in this place.

And the wallet didn’t look like my real wallet by the way. It was beige and might have had my iPhone in it, which makes it even more frightening.

Then people started to arrive. This friend of mine friend’s friend’s. I was going to leave but I really needed to take a crap. So for the rest of the dream all I did was look for a bathroom. Everytime I found one in this big house it was either busy or had some weird thing going on with it so I didn’t dare to use it. Like one had two holes and one only took uribe so you had to sit right but the seat over the toilet looked old and weird…

At the same time my wallet kept disappearing. I kept finding it but I never freaked out. The last one she the host helped me find it and it turns out there is this guy there who likes to mess with people by taking it but not stealing it for good.

There are some more details that are hard to remember but this was tonight’s dream of unpleasentness.

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The Swedish Number

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This is an amazing thing created by the Swedish Tourist Association. The Swedish Number is a number any country can call (except Sweden of course) to get connected to a random Swede in Sweden by phone. It’s done to promote Sweden and to celebrate the abolishment of censorship in Sweden the year 1766, the first in the world to do so. Sweden is also the first in the world to create this kind of number where you call a country.

I love this idea and I love watching videos on Youtube where people try this out. I love hearing and watching people experience Sweden or Swedish things, very interesting and fun to me.

As a Swede you download an app and simply register to be a sort of ambassador. You can toggle a switch of receiving calls or not, if you don’t pick upp a few calls in a row then the switch will automatically toggle off to not receive any calls.

I’ve registered. But I’m yet to have talked to someone. I’ve gotten several calls but… Every time I’m too shy to pick up. I just have problems with talking to strangers in general. (often not Asians though for some reason)

But now I’ve toggled it back on to receive calls and next time I just have to pick up and go “hello this is Sweden”! Because, I’m sad to report that they plan to close it down on the 24th of June.

On Midsummers eve, that’s the last day to call Sweden with this number. I really thought this would be a permanent thing. Or stick around for a lot longer at least, I really want to know why they’re closing it already. I’m gonna try to find out. So make sure to spread the number before this so that people don’t miss their chance to call a random Swede.


+46 771 793 336


I was also planning to make a video on this thing, and I hope to make it next week even though I just decided to take a short break on Youtube. But I really want to get this out there and now that it’s closing before summer ends I gotta make the video earlier.

Check out the official website for more information and some interesting statistics on what country has called us or how much time was spent talking etc.


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Zootopia (spoiler free review)

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Wow. I just saw Disney’s CGI movie Zootopia and damn it was good. I didn’t have high expectations but I didn’t have low either. I knew from the trailer and the fact that it’s Disney that it wasn’t going to be trash. But now that I’ve seen it I can say I loved it. It might be the best CGI movie I’ve ever seen. The best before this was definitely The Incredibles. Have to watch that one again to make up my mind. The best Disney movie and animated non-CGI movie to me is still Mulan though.

First, let’s get the stuff I didn’t like or understand out of the way first. These are very small things I noticed. For example, the cord for Judy’s headphones when laying on the table were way too short. Another animation related thing. The sloth’s mouths looked off to me. Was that done on purpose? They move slow and they speak with long pauses between words but they didn’t speak the words in slow motion. Still their mouth didn’t move with the words a lot so it looked like their mouths were just speakers. Something I didn’t like.

I really don’t understand what she meant with it being ok for bunnies to can call other bunnies cute but not for other animals to call bunnies cute… Can someone explain this to me?

Why did they not take pictures of the evidence in that one scene!? No excuse for them not to. It should be common sense to a police officer. The movie was dealing with recording of evidence the whole time. Just didn’t make sense to me. I guess she was just too confident.

And one big thing I didn’t like was how predictable a certain thing in one later scene was. They gave too much away before it happened and it didn’t come as a surprise and I was left out having the feeling of uncertainty.

WHY is Judy so small?! The main rabbit character. I think she was just too small in this, it just looked weird. But then again, there are much smaller animals around in this world. And I guess that makes sense when looking at the real world.

Speaking of the real world, not only does this movie have a social commentary on the real world and a strong message that I really like. But it gives it in another metaphorical way that I don’t think we’ve seen that often before. Also, what would the world have looked liked if there were no humans? Would another animal or several animals have evolved into something with human like intelligence? I’m very interested in this sort of thing. Maybe the question sounds stupid to the people who know much more about that sort of thing than me. But unlike other talking animal movies, this one  could have a somewhat logical explanation. While still being a cartoony fantasy movie. And at the same time it’s not set in a wonderland where only one specific and powerful villain is the source of all problems.

The length of this movie is perfect. It was over 1.5 h, not too long and not short like a lot of these movies. I wouldn’t complain if it was longer though. The pacing was perfect. The movie never goes too goofy or too crazy just because it’s a cartoony movie. It never goes cringe at any moment. It’s not even very cliché. At once scene I cried. A lot because I know that feeling. I loved the main characters, the fox and the rabbit , Nick and Judy. Especially Nick. (Seems like they should really be more than friends) Liked a lot of the other characters as well. The plot was interesting and not predictable. Shakira having a role was a nice tough as well. This movie I think is very balanced and can be enjoyed by so many people, kids and adults. And it could get a lot of people to think.

Oh and of course the animation is AMAZING.

flex_tablet_zootopia_selfie_c781d089They better make a sequel.


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My thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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I just got finished with watching the latest Star Wars movie, the 7th one. And it might be the best Star Wars movie out of them all. I like all of the movies, I never understood great hate the prequels got. They are not as good but some parts are really amazing in those three movies. Still, I’m not a HUGE Star Wars fan. I’d say I’m a fan but I’m not crazy about the franchise in any way. Though I do love Yoda a great deal.

The Force Awakens was really really good. It got a little bit worse as the movie went on. And I’ll just go through what I though was weird, bad or what I’d like to have seen done different. Nothing major.


Read more…

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My first tournament – BEAST 6

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A couple of weeks ago I had an awesome experience. In the best city of Sweden, Gothenburg. This was the first time I went to any kind of gaming event and any kind of tournament. It’s the biggest European Super Smash Bros. tournament, featuring Melee and Smash 4, as well as Project M.

I got there on Saturday due to the first day only being Project M, which I didn’t have any interest in, and pretty much no interest in now. For you who don’t know, it’s a mod of Brawl, the Wii version of Smash. Where they made it more like Melee and further how the creators and communities wanted it to be. I’m not very fond of the idea and now that I’ve tried it for the first time it really just didn’t feel right. Not because it was new to be but… I really don’t like it. It’s not a real Smash.

I decided of course to stay the night in the city. I had to sleep in a hostel. I didn’t sleep much that night, nor the night before as I had to go up really early to catch a decent train to Gothenburg from my city. But once there, I had such a great time. Shy as I am I didn’t interact with a lot of people, but I did talk to some, mostly because they approached me.

I played some so called friendlies. I forgot to mention, I didn’t enter the tournament, I only went to watch and be a part of it. To me Smash is the best gaming franchise and I think that Smash 4 (Wii U) is the best game ever. I just love it so damn much. So this had to be done and I’m so glad I did it.

It was crazy to see Armada and Leffen in real life, some of the best (if not the best when it comes to Armada) Melee players in the world. There were more big players there but none that I really hold as favorites. Though I’m a fan of iStudying now, a Greninja player who got everyone hype in the crowd.

So I sometimes watch tournaments on Twitch, but to be in the crowd was amazing. The only problem was to catch the interesting players and to choose which game to watch as they were going on at the same time up until the final. Plus all the other games going on in between the two big screens. And then of course I wanted to play with more people just for fun. And as I said, I got to do that. So much fun. I really don’t have people to play with regularly except maybe 2. Apparently though there is a small community in my city that I didn’t know about until recently. I have to get more involved with that. And I will enter my first tournament next month here in my city.

On Sunday I stayed past the end of the event. I couldn’t go home after the grand final anyway because there were no trains going home that late. So I had to stay another night, only I didn’t want to pay for another bed to sleep in. So I stayed up all night. And I actually stayed behind and helped with cleaning and packing things up. That in it’s self was a great experience. I’m glad I could help with something I’m passionate about even though I could never be a pro player.

Maybe next year I’ll enter just for fun. But it is a bit of an expensive adventure for someone living away from the big city. But I hope I can at least go, I will if nothing really stops me. And I hope it will even better and bigger, and that I can help again.

Btw, a funny side note. The amount of entrants were 666 – the number of the BEAST.


Thank you so much everyone who interacted with me and thanks a lot to everyone who made the event possible. See you at BEAST 2017!

I will have a video up soon where I show you my full experience.

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